Our Princeton Airport Family

Flight School Team

Left-Right (Christopher Almonte, Deandre Robinson, Stephen Hansell, Robert Argila, Kris Hendrickson, Steven Nierenberg, Ahmed ‘AJ’ Aburaida, John Bastan, Peter Rafle, Bryan O’Donnell)



Steven Nierenberg

Director of Operations









Peter Rafle

Flight Instructor









Stephen Hansell 

Flight Instructor









Kris Hendrickson

Flight Instructor









Ahmed ‘AJ’ Aburaida

 Flight Instructor








Richard M. Nierenberg, Owner

                                                                                                                     Dick Nierenberg entered the world of aviation in the early '50s when he was in the U.S. Army, studying to become a Chinese interpreter in Monterey, CA.

Naomi Nierenberg

                                                                                       Naomi Nierenberg remains active in the business running the flight school, the fuel concession, the pilot shop and special events. Naomi has remained active in statewide aviation organizations.

 Ken Nierenberg, Manager

                                                                                                                  Ken Niernberg has worked full-time in aviation since 1978. When the Nierenbergs purchased Princeton, Ken remained at Kupper, running it for the remainder of the lease.  In 1987 when the operation at Kupper closed, Ken moved down to Princeton and now serves as the airport manager.