Fuel Contamination

Important Information from Dick Nierenberg Everybody assumes that fuel contamination comes from external sources, i.e. water, debris, leaking gas caps, etc. However, there are other sources of contamination which are explained in a very informative article provided by Gammon Technical Products, Inc., a supplier of fueling accessories. Whether you are a airplane owner, student or […]

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Airport Co-Owner Dick Nierenberg Receives Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award

Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award “I am convinced that human flight is both possible and practical.” Wilbur Wright, 1899 Last month we gathered as Princeton Airport’s co-owner, Dick Nierenberg, received a plaque from Gene McCoy, Chief of Allentown FSDO, to honor Dick’s over 50 years as a pilot. Those who came had some funny stories to share, […]

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2010 Decathalon

2010 Decathlon List Price for 2010 DECATHLON – $169,500. Base Price Communication Group 2 Blade MT MT Prop Rear Push To Talk ELT Intercom Gear Fairings Deluxe Interior Competition Harness Front and Back Vertical Speed Indicator Turn Coordinators Spades Rear Seat Heater Tinted Windows Speed Fairings Oil Quick Drain Garmin 496 GPS Sl40 Com /327 […]

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Flight School Gift Certificates for Father’s Day

Frequently, we know someone who has expressed a desire to learn to fly, but we don’t know how or what to get them. Here are some gift ideas, ranging from inexpensive to very special gifts. We can tailor a gift to your pocketbook. Check out the ideas below, and if you still don’t find something […]

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