Pinch Hitters Course



The Pinch Hitters Course is designed for the “significant other” who is a passenger in the right seat of the airplane. Whether that person enjoys flying and just wants more information about what’s going on or has a fear of flying, this course will make the passenger enjoy flying.
The course consists of four hours of ground school and four hours of instruction in the air. This simulates the conditions under which that passenger would normally be flying.

We will be giving the class as a group, two consecutive Thursday evenings for two hours each. Then the Pinch Hitter schedules lessons in the plane that he/she would normally fly, whether that is an airplane from our flight line or privately owned.

Our Chief Pilot, Peter Rafle will give this class on Thursday, February 21st & February 28th at 7:00 p.m. He will transform you into a participating co-pilot. If the person wishes to continue training, the four hours in the air will count toward a pilot’s license.

We would like at least six participants. Sign up today.